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A Beginner’s Guide to Dog Training

A Beginner’s Guide to Dog Training Prepare yourself for training your dog Obedience training is the most effective way to get the most from your dog. It’s also how you give the best to your dog because a well-trained dog is a happy dog. They’re secure. They acknowledge that you’re the boss and that you’ve […]

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How Dogs Learn & the Human Effect

How Dogs Learn & the Human Effect – A Dog Training Guide For Dog Owners Most dog trainers and experts agree that the optimum age for formation of a dog’s temperament and learning is 8-12 weeks. Basic obedience training conducted in this period not only starts your dog off on the right paw, it conditions […]

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Secrets To Dog Training

Secrets To Dog Training When it comes to finding the secrets to dog training, you will find all the information you have. Some people are going to deal with the training method and a portion goes to the clicker training method. What approach will you need your dog training that your use of these techniques […]

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Labrador Training – The Guide Dog

Dogs are used the world over for many tasks; sheep herding, drug detection, crowd control, mountain-rescue, to name just a few; each species adapted to suit its own, unique in-bred skills. It is Mankind’s bond to his dog that makes their relationship so special. One of the most amazing examples of man and dog working […]

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Top Dog Training Tips

Top Dog Training Tips People often say to me they wish they had trained their dog when he was a puppy, thinking it is now too late and that they have to live with the bad habits that their dog has accumulated along the way. It is not true. All dogs no matter their age […]

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